Top countries of 2014 that we didn’t see coming

Iran, China, North Korea, Greece, Syria, blah blah. These are the usual suspects, countries that everyone knew would be interesting this year. But there are 196 countries in the world, most of which don’t get mentioned in the global media. This year, however, a few unsuspected countries, countries that no one expected to be on the map, did get the world’s attention. Not always for good reasons, of course, but then again, unfortunately, it’s the bad news that gets our attention. Here are some of the most interesting ones:
  1. Guinea – Ebola put this African country on the map. I use the word map loosely, as most Americans assumed that all Africans had Ebola and started discriminating against all Africans.
  2. Ukraine – Putin’s antics made Ukraine the new keyword for geopolitical tension.
  3. Estonia – This little Baltic country launched the revolutionary e-Identity concept, where foreigners can get digital citizenship in the country without living there.
  4. Malta – This little European country had less tech-savvy citizens than Estonia, so instead just tried to sell traditional passports to rich foreigners, to EU’s chagrin.
  5. Romania – This Eastern European country also had tech-savvy citizens, but used its powers for evil instead, and became the cybercrime capital of the world.
  6. Luxembourg – This little sleepy European country was shaken by the world’s big countries suddenly cracking down on tax havens, a few decades too late.
  7. Qatar – Hey, let’s have the World Cup in the Gulf summer! It’s only 50 degrees celsius in the shade! And hey, while we’re at it, let’s get tens of thousands of illegal migrant laborers and work them to death to build the stadia! Thanks, Qatar.
  8. Colombia – This former murder capital of the world had a more positive turnaround and became one of the start-up capitals of the world.
  9. Tunisia – Suddenly, there was only one country left standing after the Arab Spring. Tunisia holds the torch as the only hope of the Middle East.
  10. Mongolia – For five seconds, this was the fastest growing economy in the world. Then, they succumbed to the usual resource curse.

Fast food hits Mongolia

Mongolia seems to be the next Burma.

Now getting its first Western fast food chain outlet, in the shape of, naturally, KFC:

KFC Opens In Mongolia As The Nation’s First Ever Western Fast Food Chain.

Really keen to go before it develops too much. Was in Burma recently, and felt I could almost have been anywhere in South East Asia already.