Top 10 Most Fun Uber for X of 2014

There have been gazillions of startups launched during the year, in the current VC frenzy. Given the many pitches VC firms get, the simplest way to make a one-minute pitch for your startup idea has always been the “it’s like Y, but for X” formula. Given the runaway success of Uber, with its recent $40 billion valuation, it has become the simplest “X” to refer to. Here are some of the most fun Uber for X that we’ve seen this year. While some of these can surely be useful, some are completely ridiculous, and only really beg the question of what comes after first-world problems? 1% problems?
  1. Washio – Uber for laundry
  2. Zeel – Uber for massages
  3. Blackjet – Uber for private planes
  4. Shuddle – Uber for your kids
  5. SkyCatch – Uber for drones
  6. Citymani – Uber for manicures
  7. Minibar – Uber for booze
  8. Nimbl – Uber for cash
  9. Greenpal – Uber for lawn-moving
  10. Swifto – Uber for dog walking