Mega Trends

A repository of current trends I’m obsessed with at the moment and/or think will have an inevitable effect for years to come:

  1. Food scarcity and the need to turn to insects to feed our population. With the population continuing to grow uncontrollably, scheduled to hit 9 billion by 2050, it seems inevitable that the public will eventually overcome their resistance for genetically modified foods and new sources of foods. Guardian ran an interesting podcast on why eating insects would be a solution recently.
  2. Wearable computing and links to self-tracking and the quantified self – Fitbit to Basis to Glass. Is Google Glass a Blue Ocean, or a new Segway-style flop? When will we be able to communicate to our devices with our thoughts and have Internet directly in the brain? On this topic, I’ve ordered a Memoto. Trying out various sleep and mood trackers on the iPhone. Was too late to get a Zeo before they went bankrupt. Supporting Melon on Kickstarter. Have just received a Pebble. Really liking my Basis.
  3. Social media’s influence on our lives, and the life cycles of social media and technology start-ups. Read more on this in this post here.
  4. How language evolves to capture our changing reality. Read more on this in this post here.
  5. Quantum computing and imagining what kind of computations might be possible a few years into the future. See list of interesting companies.
  6. The persistent loss of jobs in all economies, both developed and developing, and the repercussions for today’s and tomorrow’s youth. The need for people to repeat the mass emigrations of the 19th century, their unwillingness to do so in today’s society, and the failure of technology to solve this problem. I.e. why, with all the developments we’ve seen, are the most educated people still working the most and the least educated people not working at all? And why don’t we have more leisure time?
  7. The new middle class. In Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Africa. How to define them? What are their goals?
  8. Climate change’s deeper and secondary effects. One frightening example is how climate change will drive the wars of the future. It does this in many ways – by reclaiming land for the ocean, which pushes people on top of other people, by decreasing the amount of arable land, causing food scarcities, and by an intrinsic link where increased violence links directly to higher temperatures. Another interesting aspect is to try to determine which industries will benefit (and suffer) in a +2 degrees world. E.g. the shipping industry will benefit from the opening up of new routes, e.g. the Arctic one.
  9. Micro-living. With more and more people, we’re going to have to live in smaller and smaller spaces. HuffPo article on Museum of the City of New York exhibit on this.
  10. Chinese businessmen buying up the world. E.g. London property. What will be the long-term influence? Is there such a thing as a purely commercial interest? C.f. UK colonialism.
  11. Antibiotic resistance. Perhaps this is the greatest danger of all facing humankind at this time. Maybe long before the effects of climate change will wipe us out as a species, we’ll be decimated from new, hyper-contagious diseases?

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