Bubble Watch

A running list of bubbles around the world – starting, ending, bursting, deflating:

  1. Art market: Here is a Felix Salmon piece discussing whether the current art market is becoming a speculative bubble rather than a “regular” bubble, as there is more and more short-term flipping.
  2. Chinese housing market: Whether it’s a bubble or not, there are some scary statistics out there. Quartz saying some areas showing 200% home ownership.
  3. Tech stocks: Twitter raising its IPO price and ending up starting at more than double its offering price. Even if this still led to a valuation that is quite low compared to Facebook or LinkedIn, this still had Zero Hedge talking about a new tech bubble.
  4. Frontier markets bubble: Early signs of bubbles in African markets, such as Nigeria, discussed in FT. Still early days for this one.

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