Top 10 artifacts of 2014

  1. Moby Dick in emojis – No comment
  2. New York High Line – The third and final part of one of the most influential urban developments of the last years opened this year, and it continues to see copies all over the world.
  3. The Treadmill Desk – First, we had the standing desk. Then, we got the the treadmill desk. Finally, we had the logical conclusion –  the human hamster wheel.
  4. The little green men of Crimea and Ukraine – The little green men were somewhat green, not so little, but definitely one of the more poignant images of the year.
  5. Doritos Locos – The apex of civilization.
  6. ISIS currency – The trend of nonlinear threats from non-state actors met the trend of antipathy toward the reigning financial system and had a love child in an ISIS currency based solely on gold.
  7. Honk Kong Umbrellas – Another key symbol of the year, the umbrellas of the HK protesters managed to show their vulnerability as well as the pragmatism of HK residents.
  8. Kim Kardashian app – Another defining moment of the year came when Kim Kardashian released one of the highest-grossing apps of the year.
  9. The Twitter buy button – The downside of being a public company, Twitter released a buy button which was symptomatic of its increasingly desperate attempts at finding revenue.
  10. Samsung Gear – As much as I believe in the potential of smart devices, it was yet another year of disappointment in this market not taking off. Samsung rolled out a whole slew of wearable devices, to the sound of no hands clapping.

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