Top 10 Time-saving, Life-saving and Memory-saving Apps of the year

These are the 10 apps (smartphone or web) that have improved my life this year:
  1. IFTTT – If This Then That continues to be one of the most revolutionary tools out there, since it allows you to create a rules-driven world just to your liking. Now also incorporating real-life events, with the addition of a number of smart home devices.
  2. Conspire – simple, smart email tool that analyzes your emails, and lets you know when you’re losing touch with people.
  3. Buffer – must-use scheduling tool for social media updates.
  4. Getty – key tool for bloggers, with their new, free-of-charge, embedded images for use on websites.
  5. Manageflitter – the simplest tool for maintaining a clean twitter following list. I hit 2001 all the time, which means I call up Manageflitter all the time to tell me which accounts are inactive and can be dropped.
  6. The Economist Espresso – The Economist finally enters the app game, and releases an app that gives you a nice caffeinated dose of key news of the morning.
  7. Memrise – the wonderful tool by memory champion Ed Cooke that allows you to learn anything using the latest in memory techniques
  8. Dashlane – the best password tool. Use it on all devices.
  9. Memoir – one of the life hacks, brings up photos and social media memories from a specific day in your life, one to five years later. Lets you live in the past while living in the future.
  10. Sound Sleepr – a lifesaver. Creates white noise for my son. Who knew it was so nice to sleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

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