Is the proliferation of apps getting out of control?


With the news of yet another Facebook stand-alone app, Moments, it seems the trend of breaking down the mobile experience in more and more apps is going strong. Facebook’s latest two experiments – Paper and Slingshot – have not picked up that many users. The stand-alone Messenger app obviously has many users, since Facebook forced its users to download it to send messages, but it doesn’t seem that people are happy with it.

New York Times is following the same strategy, with NYT Now, and NYT Op-Ed being spun off as separate apps. These are all nice apps, but it seems to go against the findings that people don’t like to use that many apps. Recent findings showed that people do not download many apps after the first months of usage, many in fact download none.

Facebook’s latest results were stunning in terms of mobile revenue, so perhaps having multiple apps creates an automatic uptick in advertising impressions. However, one would hope that the future of mobile advertising revenue does not lie solely in impressions, but in deeper engagement. If it will be the latter, having complete apps that fulfill all the users’ needs would be a better solution.

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