US public turns positive to strikes against ISIS

ISIS has received unprecedented attention for their media strategy. Media analysts worldwide have fallen over themselves to analyze, and unfortunately also praise, ISIS’ media strategy, simply because they have set up numerous Twitter accounts and are familiar with YouTube.

Granted, this has led to a large level of attention. ISIS has garnered global attention, there has been ISIS paraphernalia for sale in stores (at least in Turkey), and they have been able to recruit radical young European muslims.

Fortunately, we are now also seeing the flipside of increased attention. The launch/leak of ISIS gruesome videos has led the US public to desert their isolationist views and support strikes against ISIS. A year ago, Obama tried and failed to get US support for strikes in Syria, based on Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Tonight, as he makes his statement, he has support both from the public and Congress to make strikes against ISIS.

Al-Baghdadi has received praise for his military strategy. Fortunately, that might have been premature. Turning the world even more against his organization and assuring airstrikes against his forces hardly seems to be move of a master strategist.

One thought on “US public turns positive to strikes against ISIS

  1. And to add to this, another thing that is noticeable, and condemnable, is how the media too quickly adopted the new moniker IS. It seems very unnecessary to in any way recognize this “a state”.

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