Quick response to Felix Salmon’s Apple Watch post

The inimitable @felixsalmon took to Medium yesterday to register his skepticism against the Apple Watch: https://medium.com/@felixsalmon/apple-hasnt-solved-the-smart-watch-dilemma-5c8b61ca97f0

As much as I enjoy reading mr Salmon (and enjoy listening to his weekly finance podcast – Slate Money), I really think he’s off on this one. His main argument seems to be that people will have to charge the watch. However, I think is the wrong comparison. This is only an argument for people who would switch from a regular watch to an Apple Watch, while it completely leaves out the huge public who no longer wears watches and relies on their phones instead to check the time. They gave up wearing watches many years ago, and would not compare the Apple Watch to a regular watch, but rather to another device. Devices, they now by now, needs to be charged, and they have been conditioned to do so. The Apple Watch will just be another device to charge at night.

Speaking from my own experience, I already charge my phone, my bluetooth headset, my bluetooth speakers, as well as my smart watch at night, and it just becomes another habit. Our habits change continuously, and, given all the other ways in which we act differently from 1995 (remember waiting for people indefinitely at meeting places when there were only landlines?), this doesn’t seem like the biggest one.

Ah, and one more thing, let’s not forget it charges wirelessly!

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