Music that drives creativity

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There was a fun article in Quartz by @adampasick recently on what music to listen to while at work. This piece was great in delving into what music does to the brain and how you should listen to different kinds of music for different tasks. The one issue I took with this article was in its recommendations for which genres of music to listen to. The glaring omission in my view was trance/electronica/dubstep. It fits all the criteria that are supposed to help you work – little or no lyrics to not distract you; repetitive rhythms; and often uplifting sounds. I used to write listening to Paul van Dyk‘s euro-trance. Not something I brag about, and not someone I would go and see live, but worked perfectly well for long sessions of writing.

Luckily, this piece in FastCompany picks up where the Quartz one left off and provides playlists that engineers listen to while coding. As I suspected, it’s almost exclusively dance music. Test them out next time you’re writing, coding, or whatever task you’re undertaking when you need some musical support.

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