Need for speed in the Internet age

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So apparently we are now running so short on time that we can’t just read as usual anymore, but we need to “speed read”. This probably makes perfect sense in our sped-up world.

Since I’m always interested in finding new ways to take in information faster, I had a look at some of the ways in which this is currently spreading:

  • Spritz: This app creates GIFs to read faster online. Business Insider is really big on it and wrote about it here.
  • Fastr Pro: An iPhone app. There are many similar ones, who all do roughly the same thing. Basically, you connect your reading sources (e.g. Pocket, Instapaper, specific books), and the app breaks it down to chunks that are presented to you for fast reading. You can pick your speed, from slow to completely crazy (>1,500 words per minute). Ideally you should increase your speed over time.
  • Acceleread: This app trains you how to increase your speed by applying various techniques. Quite useful.
  • Brain Read: Göran Askelljung’s approach to read faster, “Read Like a Swede”, recently came out. Appealing to me as a Swede, of course. Video here.

Note that not all of these techniques have been scientifically proven. NBC recently ran this piece questioning their usefulness. But it’s an interesting idea, and worth testing out.

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