Tech meets fashion for Apple, Google and Yahoo

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A lot of fun examples of tech and fashion cross-pollinating lately.

We saw Google giving Vogue some Google Glass, which ended up being featured in a weird, but cool fashion feature, that looked like a 60’s futurism vision. Then Marissa Meyer posed for Vogue in classy, non-CEO-style photos recently (such as upside down on a lounge chair).

Today, we find out that Angela Ahrendts, who is credited of having turned around Burberry (with a lot of help from wunderkind Christopher Bailey) will take over the role of SVP of Retail, online and offline. It’s great to see that this role is finally filled, as Ron Johnson has been away for quite some time, and Apple stores have been less innovative over the last years. It’s also interesting to see that she gets ownership of both offline retail as well as the online stores, which is a similar combination of domains that Jony Ive has for hardware and software design. It shows that Cook is following the Jobs CEO style of concentrating power in the hands of just a few, key lieutenants. And it’s not all women, Apple made another fashion recruitment this summer, of Paul Deneve from Yves Saint Laurent.

All this cross-pollination makes perfect sense since smart phones and other tech products have become important fashion accessories over the last years, and this seems set only to continue with more and more wearables coming onto the scene. Fast Company has for a long time featured tech-savvy designers as innovators, such as Jenna Lyons. We’ve also seen some great tie-ins for tech brands, such as iPhone 5S’s being used in Burberry fashion shows, and Instagram fast becoming the key platform for fashion brands.

However, as much as the tech world can benefit from this infusion of fashion glamour, I’m not sure if it’s a win-win situation. In a few years, when people wear Google Glass over their eyes, an Apple iWatch on one arm and a Fitbit Force on the other, and why not a Melon headband on your head, you’ll probably need to wear something like the below to match it…

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2000

Photo credits: Wikipedia, CrunchBase, victorismaelsoto

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