The first shopping smart phone and the Internet of products


The rumors regarding Amazon’s smart phones are coming more and more frequently. Perhaps their launch is finally not that far away anymore?

The latest set of rumors are getting really interesting. The prevailing theory has been that Amazon would release a smart phone that follows the same strategy as the Kindle, i.e. the phone is cheap, or even free, and Amazon makes their money selling the content to it. It’d be pretty much a dumb pipe, even as a smart phone.

The latest rumors suggest something more interesting, that the phone is following another Amazon strategy, of helping the user do price comparisons and buy their products at Amazon instead of somewhere else. There is an Amazon app that lets users scan products and immediately get the Amazon price to compare with. And the rumored phone would take that to a new level by having “four front-facing cameras that can track a user’s head and then use it to position 3D effects within the interface“, according to Verge. This would let you identify any object and match it to the relevant product on Amazon. An Internet of Things purely for shopping. Stacey Higginbotham would love it.

It reminds me of the initial pitch of the shopping site The Fancy, which was initially about being a social network of things. It later realized that the money was in becoming a luxury brand and getting Kanye to pitch for them. Nothing wrong with that, their email newsletters are full of subversive products everyday. But the original pitch of giving every object out there an identifier and a node in the network was very interesting. Hopefully to be realized in the future, through Amazon or a new player.

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