Latest interesting uses for drone technology

UAV over Pakistan

The use of drones is expanding more and more, with new innovative uses popping up regularly. Here are some of the latest examples:

  1. Using drones to save lives. This Wired article describes how a octocopter could carry defribillators to people in medical emergencies in remote areas.
  2. Delivering packages (and cakes!). So far, not allowed in the US, but Chinese companies are exploring its potential. China is catching up quickly in the military UAV arena, as outlined by HuffPo here, and seems likely to surpass the US soon in the civilian area, given the more stringent US regulations.
  3. As often, Burning Man points the way forward. Their department of Mutant Vehicles, which sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel, issued usage instructions for drones at the Burning Man festival. Perhaps something that the FAA could learn from.
  4. As is often the case, it’s only when the usage is really proven to be useful that regulation is adapted. So perhaps the use of drones to fight the Yosemite fire could spur faster legislation around its use cases.
Photo credit: Swamibu (Creative Commons)

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