Schrodinger’s cat on the Internet

It seems to be a beautiful happenstance that at the same time as we get new discoveries in quantum mechanics, such as this bits teleportation, we also have a new technology – the Internet – which according to some very knowledgeable people, or at least people on Reddit, which may or may not be the same thing, seems to be mostly geared toward looking at pictures of cats.

Cats were of course the subject of one of the most famous thought experiments in quantum mechanics – Schrodinger’s cat in the box. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, it was the observer that “ruined” the experiment, and made the cat come down from its state of being neither dead nor alive.

English: Diagram of Schrodinger's cat theory. ...

Fortunately, a new technology solves this problem. Enter Snapcat. With Snapcat, we no longer need to live in fear of there being an infinite number of alternate universes, since we no longer need an observer. Give the cat an Android phone, and off it goes. It can take pictures of itself all day long, in its neither-dead-nor-alive status.

Only issue is what happens when someone looks at the photos. Does the cat then fall into one state over the other?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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