IFTTT and the changing Internet

The Internet is changing beneath our feet. No longer content with just linking stationary computers, we now have Internet everywhere (with all mobile and wearable devices hooked up to the Internet), a burgeoning Internet of things (with physical products communicating with each other and our computers), and even a coming inter-species Internet (communicating with animals).
In a very interesting interview today on the GigaOm podcast, IFTTT is saying that they’d like to be the hyperlink of the Internet of things, the connector that makes it natural for people to use it.
I don’t know yet if they’ll become that pervasive, but it’s a wonderful service, and they just released their iPhone app, which brings in new channels native to the iPhone, so if you haven’t yet started using it, try it out now!
An awesome example of IFTTT powering a virtual-physical application is the example Stacey Higginbotham gives of using an IFTTT recipe and a WeMo switch to turn on her fan when a stock drops below a certain price. Look forward to IFTTT powering more physical, smart home appliances soon, especially as their partnership with smart things goes live.

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