Mini creative tip of the day

There’s a lot of good literature out there on how to improve our creativity. I was reading this great article on Buffer about how to make time last longer, which suggests that simply by doing new things, the brain thinks more time has passed, and you remember it as longer. It reminded me of one of the tips on how to make your brain more creative in Micael Dahlen’s book Creativity Unlimited: Thinking Inside the Box for Business Innovations.

He suggested simply to get out of bed in a different way every morning (left/right side, bottom/top, jump, skip, roll, etc). This would theoretically create new neuron pathways. Even if it doesn’t, it feels like just the act of inventing new ways of getting out of bed would help you jumpstart your brain in a good way in the morning. Also fits well within this morning routine suggested by the Search Inside Yourself Institute, since getting out of bed in the way of a 5-year old is bound to put a smile on your face.


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