Daily mini-meditations to improve your productivity

Mindfulness and meditation are being preached everywhere, even as a business tool, and its health benefits are becoming more and more clear. Yet, we all know how hard it is to actually take the time in our daily lives.

Therefore, I’m now testing out doing mini-meditations. These can be built in to daily life by flipping the every day wasted moments. By taking something that was neutral, or even negative, and turning it into something positive, we can flip our emotions and go further on the path of achieving greater well-being. This is an old judo technique – using your enemy’s force to your own benefit.

Examples include sitting aimlessly waiting for a file to copy or standing by the copy machine waiting for it to warm up. During these moments, take the time to close your eyes, empty your mind and focus on your breathing. Resist the temptation to see how long you have left, and be grateful for a second to focus on yourself instead.

Even these tiny, meditative moments will be helpful for achieving greater mindfulness in your life.

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