Global Development from the point of view of music tastes?

I am not sure if this is yet an established field of study, but if not, I’d like to suggest that it should be. Musical Global Development, as the name suggests, is at the intersection of music studies and global development, or how you can tell a country’s development level by its tastes in global music.

From initial observations (very non-scientific) there seems to be a distinct correlation between the level of development of a country and the predominant music taste of the country’s citizens. Even while allowing for different cultural tastes.

While developed countries seem to develop an affinity for lighter music, developing countries seem to prefer more heavy music. This can be more clearly seen in post-communist states, such as Eastern Europe, where bands like Scorpions continue to draw crowds they haven’t had for decades in Western Europe. It’s also apparent in emerging economies, such as India and Thailand. You don’t see them listening to Jamiroquai much, but there’s huge local heavy metal scenes. In a country that is just opening up, such as Burma, they’d rather have Metallica come than Justin Bieber.

Is this a global pattern? Is it linked to censorship? What’s it like in your country? Let us know in the comments.

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