Film in youth as romantic as music as teenager?

I’m not feeling the movie magic anymore. A decade or more ago, films such as Jeunet and  Caro’s “City of Lost Children” or Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho, would encapsulate me and stay in my mind for days. I could sit all night at film festivals with my legs on the chair in front of me (the chairs were more ryanair-esquely packed those days), watching movies such as Dead Ringers. These days, no movies grab me in that way. Gatsby – beautiful visually, almost like a ballet, but we knew he could do that from Romeo + Juliet already). Oblivion – a few nice design touches, unconvincing actors. Even the ones that are most acclaimed these days, such as Django Unchained, just don’t have that impact. Haven’t seen Spring Breakers yet, don’t think it’s reached Asia legally yet, but am doubtful it will have the same impact as Kids had on me and others at the time.

Is this a result of too much other entertainment options? But that’s what we’ve said for years. Or is just age, that I’m getting older?

Like someone tweeted recently, that it was such a coincidence that the best music ever was released just when he happened to be at between the ages of 16 and 20, perhaps it’s the same with movies – our minds are just more impressionable as teenagers, like the fontanelles on babies, leaving lasting impressions.

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