This is why Google+ will ultimately be successful



the same sense of incremental innovations that you see in gmail, constantly thinking about what can be done with the data.

so facebook for luddites, g+ for techies. (+myspace still for goths and tagged still for unpopular tweens?)

Official Google Blog: Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and….

Monocle 24 launches!

Very exciting, Monocle launches their radio station. To launch a premium, global, 24-hour radio station in this media climate is very ambitious and very cool. Having enjoyed the weekly podcast for quite some time, am very excited about this experiment in reinventing radio, this underutilized hot medium. Now just need the app to have it in my pocket.

Monocle 24 [Monocle].

Trent Reznor and David Fincher doing Dragon Tattoo

Exciting! Not only is Fincher directing the girl with the dragon tattoo, but Reznor is scoring it!

From having boycotted the books originally, maybe I should embrace the Swedishness of them and actually read them…seems unswedish not to.

Trent Reznor will score David Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo |

Call 999! It’s Herman Cain!

Cain’s 9-9-9 plan seems scarily ill-conceived, as per this Economix piece:

Bruce Bartlett: Inside the Cain Tax Plan –

That the leading Republican candidate (even if it won’t last, of course), is for not one, but two major tax system overhauls, resulting in a fair tax of 30% on all goods and services and vast increases of the deficit is quite remarkable.