Interesting move by Swedish embassy in London

Swedish embassy replacing furniture with new swedish design and opening up its doors during London design week, in a new take on openness in public diplomacy.
Monocle podcast below:

The power of Twitter part 2

And another story today that shows the power of Twitter. It is very dangerous to have tweets promoting stories on the website without context. And maybe Twitter is no longer a place for satire, it has become too self-conscious.

It’s a shame, I hate to see the onion get bad press, and would hate it if it means they would tone down their articles on the website. On twitter, however, their Tweets lose context, as described in this article from NYT.

Netflix Qwikster decision

worst decision ever. Just seems hasty. As much as I support throwing out your old business models if you see a strong trend, I would never advocate doing this hastily, without providing a hint to your stakeholders, and together with a 60% price hike to customers who have been loyal for years.

Netflix Qwikster: The strange logic of the company’s decision to divide itself in half. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine.

Can’t help but be impressed by Perry as a politician

Perry does it again:
Issues a statement supporting an all-Israel Jerusalem.
Can’t help but be impressed by him, he is a political beast. This stance now is perfect, slightly contrarian, extreme, upsetting some but reaching out to a whole new base for him. I.e. perfect at this stage in the campaign.

Pharma goes wealth mgmt

Interesting podcast from the invisible hand, on the future of pharma, looking at both an evolutionary approach as well as looking at future pharma business models approaching those of private banking!