Surprising visit from Swedish “elders” in modern Spanish literature

Sitting reading bolano’s 2666 (flashes of brilliance, interesting mix of Borges and Easton Ellis), and all of a sudden a reference is made to Harry Söderman, one of the founders of Interpol, and an old relative on my mother’s side. The reference was not just in passing, but rather the young Mexican, wanna-be policeman is reflecting over how the “old Swede” is sweating over his foreword. Jarring when your own history is suddenly reflected in what I had until then seen as a work of complete fiction.

The forgetfulness of the web

I am going through old user names for websites and it’s a real cornucopia of web has-beens.

eMode for example. It had some fun quizzes and tests. In the first round of dotcom companies around 2000. It became Tickle. Later bought by Monster. Then shut down.

Remember wanting to save some of those, quite fun, test results. Of course an impossible, Herculean task.

Although I was overjoyed to see that the Internet archive had stored a version of my 1995 Geocities website, trying to store web content is just unfeasible. It’s a shame.

We’re losing our personal memories at the same time as the Googleplex is our new alexandrian library for mankind.

the return of wearable technology

wearable technology seems like one of those eternal on-the-verge things that never happen. as cool as I thought the MP3-stone island jacket was back in the face in the early 2000s, I seem to be the only one. or the pricetag put people off. or maybe their washing machines would ruin the mp3 player.

so is the future one-task-only devices, that require no interface?

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