An interesting new app for the iPad is the Atavist.
Already in the short 1-year life of the iPad, we have already seen a few apps that break the boundaries and actually bring publishing and consumption of content forward, into paths that might be those of the future. Flipboard was obviously one of them, with the creation of the social magazine. I find it a fascinating idea, even if I don’t find myself using the app every day. Smartr on the iPhone is on to something similar, by recreating twitter as a pure newsreader. I still rely more on rss feeds than twitter for news delivery, but that could soon change.
The Atavist is another interesting twist on the boundaries between news stories, books and magazines. They publish short non-fiction stories, in the length of long magazine articles, sold as separate stories. Probably in the right length for the iPad attention span (I still don’t read books on the iPad).
Worth seeing how the idea will develop. Download it and try it. Almost more interesting than seeing how The Daily turns out. Although will clearly download that today and see how the photos turned out.

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