Kanye + hype + noe

Kanye releases best track off of mbdtf, and teams up with hype Williams again for the video. Hype has been watching his gaspar noe, and the result is quite stunning:

App Tells Your Friends What You’re Watching – Technology Review

very cool – TV becomes social with an app that tells your friends what you’re watching. Like the number you could all in France and be told what song you were listening to on the radio, and later shazam, this app recognizes the show you’re watching and opens up for new social discussions, based around TV. I think this is quite smart. TV is obviously not going anywhere, prime time viewing  is higher than ever, and all Google/Apple TV experiments have failed to take off in any major way. This makes it social in a small way.


App Tells Your Friends What You’re Watching – Technology Review.

Seth Godin’s concept of tribes and connections to blue ocean strategy

In this TED video (old, I know – am going through old TED videos, as I do my exercises for my broken arm), Seth Godin makes some interesting points. I like his imploring of heretics, which is akin to the blue ocean strategy principle of replacing an orthodoxy of one industry as a heresy in another. I also like the idea that technology can create these tribes, consisting of true fans, to use Kelly’s term.

Lucy and Ricky love smoking, and you should too! – Boing Boing

Interesting post on Boing Boing about, one one hand, how radically ads have changed over the last 50 years, and also, on a wider scale, how bad we are at imagining the future. Douglas Coupland and the others’ work on Minority Report potentially excluded, most futuristic visions, especially when it comes to communication and advertisements, do not reinvent concepts, they’re just more in-your-face versions of today’s versions. Akin to the problem in marketing research detailed in Blue Ocean Strategy, that when you ask customers what they want – they all just want more of what they have for less. To really innovate, you need to approach it from a new angle. Noncustomers’ in the case of Blue Ocean Strategy, and nonproducts in the case of future ads.

Lucy and Ricky love smoking, and you should too! – Boing Boing.

Ludic Reading: what and why | Four Rooms

Ludic Reading: what and why | Four Rooms.

interesting and pleasant post on why reading should be ludic – of pleasure, focused, in a state of delighted abandon. not too be confused with lucid dreaming, even if there are some similarities in the two concepts in stepping into a world that is partly controllable and partly determined.

Interviews from the past – The World’s Best Ever

I love the concept of interviews from the past, as exemplified here: Interviews from the past – The World’s Best Ever: design, fashion, art, music, photography, lifestyle,.

It reminds me of the interviews Nojesguiden used to run, and that I tried to copy in SPACE magazine – recycled interviews. Where all the questions come from earlier interviews with other people, in other magazines.

There is less of this meta, non-technical innovations in magazines these days.


An interesting new app for the iPad is the Atavist.
Already in the short 1-year life of the iPad, we have already seen a few apps that break the boundaries and actually bring publishing and consumption of content forward, into paths that might be those of the future. Flipboard was obviously one of them, with the creation of the social magazine. I find it a fascinating idea, even if I don’t find myself using the app every day. Smartr on the iPhone is on to something similar, by recreating twitter as a pure newsreader. I still rely more on rss feeds than twitter for news delivery, but that could soon change.
The Atavist is another interesting twist on the boundaries between news stories, books and magazines. They publish short non-fiction stories, in the length of long magazine articles, sold as separate stories. Probably in the right length for the iPad attention span (I still don’t read books on the iPad).
Worth seeing how the idea will develop. Download it and try it. Almost more interesting than seeing how The Daily turns out. Although will clearly download that today and see how the photos turned out.