iTunes moments!

Just found latest bob hund record on iTunes! Never ceases to amaze me! As Gradvall was discussing – – , the music distribution channels have now polarized into the two extremes – everything on Spotify/iTunes versus everything only on the artists’ own websites.
So today I found out that I can’t buy Bob Hund’s latest from their own website, but it is on iTunes! And vice versa for Lloyd Cole – can’t buy it on iTunes, but can order it from his own website.
He’s also doing a fun experiment – getting 2500 people to buy his “new” record, to come out sometime in 2010…
taking it one step further than the radiohead and david bowie experiments…

gradvall also reminded me to pick up the latest kid cudi, great stuff.

Gloriuous Tarantino

Finally saw Ingloriuos Basterds. Fantastic to see it after all the years in the making. What it mostly does is makes you realize how little other directors use cinema as a medium to its full potential. Tarantino is so in love with cinema, and you notice it with every shot. It’s a visceral pleasure to see him shooting his heroine in a close-up or switching to a tilting bird’s eye perspective shot. All the explicit and implicit references to German 20’s cinema, the way Shosana’s face burns on the cinema screen, the whole movie is, almost more than his other movies, a fantastic celebration of what we love about film.

Article waiting to be written

A classic article, one that just had to be written: Hitchens vitriolic take on why Obama didn’t deserve the prize – not just beating down the obvious points – not deserve it, adolescent adulation, etc – but also taking on every single (but one or two) undeserving previous laureate…wonderful.