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Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog: web 1-2-3

Just thinking of how extremely useful facebook will be in a couple of years. No need to ever forget a single person or lose touch with anyone ever again. As always, imagine if we’d had that as we grew up, met people, exchanged a few letters (with envelopes and stamps, in the post!), and lost touch.

aSmallWorld is great, but since you can never have the whole world on there, it will always be (by design) a niche brand, albeit a good one (they’re starting to have some really good targeted advertising now).

My generation has four strata of people: family and close friends (regular contact), friends (irregular contact), acquaintances (random contact) and everyone else. The coming generations will then also have the facebook layer of everyone you’ve met in your life (your clothes or sunglasses or whatever will be then be digital) will probably automatically add the other person to the “met once” category of your facebook network as you greet and shake hands). Which must mean that the two first strata of close friends and friends must by nature shrink, humans will still be humans.

But having your own wiki (wikis and social networks must soon merge and cross-breed) of people to tap into for any kind of personal knowledge is an excisting concept.

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