The Ten Faces of Innovation » Tom Kelley

The Ten Faces of Innovation » Tom Kelley

Obviously a great book. Mindblowing all the great projects they have been involved in and the insights that Tom Kelley has into the process of a creative mind!

The cross-pollinator is naturally my favorite, and it was an inspiration for this blog. Cross-pollination between fields has been a pastime of mine since I used muscial structural nomenclature in my first short stories in college and called them Untitled, in a homage to Rauschenberg (Robert Rauschenberg on artnet).

In business as well as in art, in all matters of creativity, cross-breeding and applying unknown structures to your work always creates an inspiring tension, that can give amazing results.

As Kelley said, you just have to go down to the local news agents’ and browse a few new European art magazines or Japanese design magazines, and you’re bound to get some new ideas that can be applied to whatever you’re working on.

The other role I personally identify with is the anthropologist. Studying human behaviour is key to most business and especially art. You learn so much from watching someone engaging with an appliance for the first time.

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