Attack of the zombie brands!

slate discussing zombie brands. Very interesting.

Attack of the zombie brands! – By Daniel Gross – Slate Magazine

cf nostalgia branding and madeleine branding, attempting to control the situations in which you create emotional ties to brands in order to create the madeleine moments when you choose/buy/endorse/word-of-mouth a brand because it reminds you of some lost feeling or you associate it with a warm memory.

the key to doing this is to make sure that the brand is consumed in the right setting and that the setting works for the consumer. As well as marketing to kids, it has to be said. Get them while they’re young. The brands I have the closest personal ties to are the ones that I connect to my college years – Snapple, Subway. Those ties will never break. This is of course very hard to control, but once you’ve managed to create those ties, you have customers that are loyal for life.

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